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We have 3 full time luthiers at our shop, Dave Doucet, Devin Champlin, and Forrest Meyer. 

We offer experienced, professional repair service for most stringed instruments.  Acoustic and electric guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, charango, bouzouki, you name it.  We can help with everything from the most basic restringing and setup, to intensive structural repair.  Here's a list of just some of the services offered:

-Refret (full or partial)

-Fret level, re-crown and polish

-Action adjustment, setup

-Wiring fixes, rewire, pickup swap, etc

-Neck reset

-Bridge reglue

-New nut and/or saddle (bone or other)

-Banjo repair (new heads, set up, neck reset, etc)

-Broken headstock repair

-Cracks, loose braces, other structural repair

-Intonation adjustment

-Custom made parts

-Cleaning and restoration


For current rates of general jobs, please contact us. There is almost always a repair person in house from 11-4 Tuesday-Friday, so that's a good time to do a walk-in if you'd like to talk with someone about getting a repair done. We are always glad to do a free evaluation and estimate.

We have a very busy shop and there is often a one to two week turnaround for many jobs. Restrings are almost always available as same day service.

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