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The short story:

We are a guitar shop downtown Bellingham. We sell vintage and new instruments, amps, accessories and strings, records and tapes.  We do high quality repair work on most string instruments, we like working on "weird" stuff, we are total nerds for the work we do.  We value our community and customers and take pride in maintaining a friendly, inclusive place to be.

The long story:

Hi, it's Devin Champlin here.  I am a luthier (instrument builder/fixer).  Here's a bit about my background.  I started playing guitar when I was about 10 years old, and always enjoyed wood carving and working with tools since I was in Cub Scouts.  I first started tinkering with my own guitars and building homemade instruments shortly after highschool.  After a number of years working in construction as a carpenter, and doing woodwork on the side, I went through the instrument construction and repair program at Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery, graduating with the Fall class of 2006.  I spent the winter of 2008-9 in Madison, Wisconsin studying under the generous tutelage of Todd Cambio of Fraulini Guitars.  Upon returning to the Northwest I started building guitars independently, as well as doing numerous repairs.  In 2014 I moved to Seattle for a couple years where I worked in the repair department at a busy vintage guitar shop, while I continued to build custom guitars at my home shop.  I returned to Bellingham a couple years later and in 2019 I opened a tiny one-man repair shop on Cornwall Ave.  The business never slowed down and along with a crew I moved shop to it's current location on State St.  I have built over 70 instruments to date and while I still build guitars, I am not taking custom orders at this time.  I am highly dedicated to my craft, always learning, grateful, and excited for the work I get to do.

I'm incredibly grateful to have a really solid crew to work with, including Bernard, Forrest, Serafima, Aaron, Kody, Finn, Kjetil, Dave and Mars.  And hey, if you've read this far, we are grateful for YOU!

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