The Workshop

  I currently work out of my spacious home shop in Seattle, Washington.  I did a lot of work on the space to get it up to snuff and it feels great having a space so well set up for working.  Having a five second commute to and from work is pretty cool too.  I'm able to have a lot of fun with kitchen projects like never before.  But that's a whole other story.

  Here's a couple pictures of the shop...

  This is my trusty old workbench.  I built it quickly from scrap lumber years ago, and it has since turned into the most used and relied on piece of equipment in my shop.  It's heavy and sturdy, and it takes on whatever challenges I present to it.

  This is my bending iron.  I made it a few years ago, and since then, all my sides for instruments are lightly wet and then hand bent over this iron pipe.  Inside is a heating element from an electric barbeque lighter that is wired to a dimmer switch.

  Before moving to Seattle, I was working out of a small shop nestled in the corner of Make.shift art space, downtown Bellingham, WA.  Make.shift is a great community oriented space with artist studios, band practice rooms, a gallery and show venue.  As an organization they do a lot to support local artists and musicians.  Check it out here.  Here's a couple shots of the old place, which I will always love and miss.

                      If you're in the area, by all means come on by and say howdy!