I hand build guitars from scratch, one at a time.  I start with quality seasoned woods, follow with a lot of elbow grease, and finish with patience and utmost attention to detail and set-up.  The range of tone and volume is outstanding,  and the feel and fit are guaranteed to be just right.  My guitars are feather light, and very responsive.  I am mostly inspired by instruments from the 20's through the 40's as far as looks and sound goes.  While my aim isn't to make direct copies of anything, I still keep one foot pretty firmly rooted in tradition.  I'm really fond of ladder braced guitars, so I build quite a few of them, though I also offer X-bracing on most models.  All guitars feature a hand cut dovetail neck joint, and a hand rubbed french polish finish.  I love using domestic wood, and occasionally use reclaimed wood from old furniture and the like.  My goal is to offer a quality, unique, and affordable handmade guitar built to suit the player.

  I currently offer nine standard models of guitar.  They are all available in a variety of woods, with fairly limitless options.  Click on the photos below for specs and more info.  Base prices are include a hard shell case and shipping in the US. 
 The Parlor
The Concert
The L-00
The L-1
The Grand Concert
The Workhorse

Cedar Top Parlor

Sunburst Concert

Oak Back

The L-1

 Stalebread Scottie with his L-1

Matt Gandurski with his lefty Grand Concert. (The Chi-tone)

Hand cut rope binding, and a nice sharp scraper.  This was my independent project guitar when I was at Roberto-Venn.  After scraping and sanding, it got a nice dark sunburst on the top.  This guitar now hangs on the wall for anyone to play at the Green Frog, a great music venue in Bellingham.

Quarter sawn Oak back

Petunia of Petunia and The Vipers approves!