About Me

  I am a luthier based in Bellingham, Washington.  I primarily build acoustic guitars and mandolin family instruments, and I offer repair work on most stringed instruments, from basic set ups to full restoration, electric and acoustic.  The son of a guitar player and a visual artist, I have been making music and creating things with my hands since childhood.  I spent years making my living as a carpenter, everything from rough framing, to cabinetry, to working in a timber frame shop.  This led to many hours of woodworking for pleasure at home.  After tinkering with my own instruments and making a few cookie tin banjos, I decided to attend Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in 2006.  After graduation and a few years of numerous repairs and restorations, I ventured into the shop of Todd Cambio of Fraulini Guitars for a three month apprenticeship of sorts.  In 2012 I jumped into building and fixing instruments full time.  I spent a few years in Seattle where I continued my business in my own shop as well as worked part time doing repairs in a busy vintage guitar store.  That experience greatly enriched my lifelong education, honing my set up and fretting skills daily, while getting my hands on a wide variety of wonderful vintage guitars, mandolins, banjos, basses etc.  Now I continue to build and restore instruments, always learning and humbled by this great craft that I get to partake in.

  Don't hesitate to contact me about repair work, or a custom build.  (360) 684-1541

   This is a short documentary from 2013. 

 I also play music pretty obsessively.

I play guitar with The Gallus Brothers, mandolin and fiddle with The Crow Quill Night Owls, fiddle with The Shadies, and The Hi-O Revelers