Friday, September 13, 2013

Harvest Season

  The apple and pear trees around Whatcom County are bent and heavy with fruit right now.  I've been doing my part by picking what would otherwise be left to fall and rot, and grinding 'em up and squeezing 'em out on my homemade cider press.  Always putting aside plenty for tasty home brew too.  As we all revel in our current local bounties, I'm also finding myself with an abundance of another great local resource.  Wood.

  My good friend John Deacon runs Great Northern Tree Service out of Bellingham.  He recently let me know about a good size oak tree he was going to have to take down.  I've always loved the oak guitars I've come across, and I love using this domestic wood for instrument building.  It is great to bend, smells wonderful while working it, and is just beautiful to look at, especially when quartersawn.  So naturally I jumped at the opportunity to help move a couple heavy logs, load 'em on to John's truck, and head out to Everson to have them milled up.

  That's Brien Thomas on the left and John on the right.  Brien runs Mad Marmot Mills, and pulls his sawmill all around the county.  This time we brought the logs to his home worksite, drank good strong coffee, had lots of laughs, and turned a couple oak logs into a manageable stack of 2" thick planks.  Brien occasionally comes across something special like this salvaged old growth red cedar...

  Once back at the shop, I set to painting the ends of all the boards, and then stacking and stickering them to air dry.  I'll give it a few years, then resaw the planks into workable pieces for backs and sides. 

That's the fresh milled oak up top and in the foreground, black walnut on the middle rack, and some really pretty figured myrtle on the bottom.  Ahhh, like looking at a shelf full of canned peaches, or a carboy full of cider, it is sure satisfying to have a good looking wood supply.  Some for now, and some put aside for tomorrow.

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